Wizarding World

Creating a new website to serve as the singular home for everything in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchise. The aim was to bring together all aspects of the brand in one place; books, movies, theatre shows, games, theme parks, merchandise etc. Working together with Wizarding World Digital and Huge Inc to launch a website, app and fan subscription service.
UI, UX, Visual Design
Website, Prototypes, Style Guide, Component Library, User Journeys
Senior UI Designer (Freelance)
Sorting Experience
One of the biggest attractions of the site for fans is the Hogwarts sorting experience, where users take part in an interactive quiz written by J.K. Rowling to determine which Hogwarts house they belong to. We worked to bring the in-app experience over to the web, utilising existing illustrated artwork as well as new designs.
Wizarding Passport
Once the user has been sorted, their house is added to their personalised Wizarding Passport profile. From here they can take part in other interactive experiences to discover their wand and patronus.
Explore The Story
The Story is a section of the site where users can browse through all of the characters, creatures, spells and more that live within the Wizarding World. Working together with a UX designer to create an interactive scrapbook to showcase character info, articles, videos, trivia and other content.
Additional credits
Anthony Hurlstone
Paul Hinds
Creative Direction
Eleanor Nugent
Brand Development
Huge Inc